Mica-ware — Formed Earth Studio

What are Mica-ware pots?

Look at your pot, see the sparkles? That is the Mica that has been mixed in with the clay.  Adding Mica to the clay makes it extremely resistant to heat shock.  Which means it will resist cracking due to being heated unevenly. Some enthusiasts say food cooked in micaceous clay tastes sweeter because the clay is alkaline and neutralizes the acids in foods. When using your mica-pot you will notice that the clay absorbed the oils and flavors of the food you cook, your pot becomes a reflection of the food you cook.

An interesting feature of mica-posts is that they stay relatively cool, which means you can lift the lid or pick up the pot using the handles without pot holders.


Using Mica-ware pots:

•Microwave: Mica-pots are not microwave compatible.

•Open flames: Mica-pots are suitable gas stoves grills and campfires without a diffuser.

•Maximum temperature:  Low simmer (medium low on most gas stoves)

•Electric burner or glass stovetop, a diffuser MUST be placed under the pot to protect it!

•Oven: Micaceous pots are safe for all standard oven baking.

•Broiler: Do not place it directly under the broiler.

Cleaning Mica-ware pots:

Hand wash only, Micaceous pots are not dishwasher compatible.  Use a soft cloth to clean the pottery with warm water and baking soda. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.  Lightly coat the pottery inside and outside with oil. Store the pottery in dry location.  **DO NOT use soap or metal abrasives. Soap will absorb into the walls of the pottery and can cause cracking.  Soap will destroy the seasoning of the pottery.  Metal abrasives will scratch the pottery. Do not soak the pottery in water.** 

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