A new direction


I have been looking for a way to take my designs in a new direction. I was inspired by George McKenzie's post in the Potters Network and reading an article from Ceramic Daily I began to see some possibilities.  After throwing a porcelain pot I coat it with a layer of Terra Sigillata (T-Sig). Then I apply some thinned wax resist using Sumi-e brushwork techniques. Once the wax dries I use a damp sponge to carefully wipe away to exposed T-Sig and clay to create a 3D image. I started with one color of T-Sig and a second coating of wax over the clay to more depth.

Yesterday I decided to extend the technique to multiple colors of T-Sig. I spent most of yesterday mixing new colors of Terra Sigillata (T-Sig). My palate is now expanded from two to ten.  I am focusing on multiple colors of green, some blues, greys and a few accent colors. 

The first subject is dragonflies from our local lakes. I spent hours researching dragonflies. More hours drawing them in pencil and using water on paper and clay to perfect my brushwork. So far this shows some real possibilities. This weekend I was driving outside of Seattle at the foot of the Cascade Mountains and saw all the Maple trees beginning to leaf out.  The play of pale greens against the dark bark was mesmerizing (yes, distracted driving). That is why I spent yesterday mixing multiple shades of green. I want to be able to capture the play of light against the trees as they change all summer long.

Unloaded kiln with results - very happy!